Fife Airport - Airfield Information

This is a summary of the key airfield information.  More details can be found on the Fife Airport website.

Fife Airport is situated 2 nm west of Glenrothes Town (56 11" 00' N ; 003 13" 13' W), 399ft amsl and has a 700m tarmac runway (06-24). PPR by telephone on 07770 775142 or on-line. Non-radio aircraft must telephone.  The on-line form is on the Fife Airport site. 


Circuits Procedures

  • All circuits are to the south of the airfield to avoid the high ground to the north.
  • Circuit directions: 06 (Right-Hand); 24 (Left-Hand).
  • Overhead joins (2,000ft QFE) are advised when the circuit is busy.
  • Pilots should be aware that a group of five wind turbines, 270ft AGL to blade tip, are located approx 1.43nm west of the airfield boundary.  Three more, 360ft AGL to blade tip, are located approx 1.35nm south east of the airfield, just inside the normal circuit pattern.  Extreme caution should be exercised before executing a low level bad weather circuit or any approach in less than good visibility. 
  • Parachuting takes place at weekends and occasionally Fridays and Bank Holidays when special procedures apply (see Parachute Procedures).


Noise Abatement Procedures

  • Pilots should avoid flying over the town of Glenrothes and, when taking off from Runway 06, should turn right on reaching 300ft agl.
  • Pilots should avoid flying over Kinglassie village and, when taking off from Runway 24, should climb straight ahead until west of Kinglassie before turning left into the circuit.
  • When operating Runway 06, pilots should extend the downwind leg to turn base leg to the west of Kinglassie village.


Other Features

  • Fife Airport offers AVGAS 100LL fuel.
  • The Tipsy Nipper Restaurant is available for meals, snacks, teas and coffees.
  • The airport also offers hangarage space for rent on either long-term or overnight rates.


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