Buddying Up to Fly

Fife Flying Club has developed a buddy network of NPPLs, PPLs and Students based at Fife. The idea behind this is to promote a better social network of FFC members. Often students and many pilot members simply come along to Fife, fly, then go home again without having the chance to chat to other members. In addition, many events, such as the Club Fly-outs, are often poorly attended and opportunities to fly are being missed by all.

Buddy SchemeWhat the buddy scheme involves is this – agreement that we can share your name and telephone number with others in the Club – so that you have a short list of some other members’ names and numbers that you can contact if you would like to become involved in a Club fly-out, Club social evening or other event. Each Student and each Pilot will get a short list of potential “buddies” and a means to contact them.

Students in particular will benefit by having a contact list of pilots who may be intending to hire an aircraft for a fly-out and have spare seats that students could fill.

So, if you are happy to participate in this scheme (and it will only work with your help) please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tell your instructor that you want to participate. NPPLs and PPLs please do the same.

You can also register your interest for the scheme on the Club website here. When we have your permission to go ahead, we’ll get lists of NPPLs/PPLs buddied up with students, and a letter out to all of you who want to participate with your buddy lists.

The buddying doesn’t just have to be linked to flying – for example, you may be happy to offer a lift to anyone near to where you stay to others who might want to come up to a Club night, or want to share a lift on a weekend day to get to Fife.

Please help the Club and its members by participating in the Buddy Scheme – we will all benefit and get more out of the Club the more people join in and help.

Best regards, and hope to see you all at the airfield some time.

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