Bill Hagan (BA 747 Captain - Retired)

"BA 2069 Nairobi Incident"

Thursday 22nd May 2014


Tipsy Nipper, Fife Airport

Our next Club Night is on Thursday 22nd May at 7.30pm in the Tipsy Nipper at Fife Airport .....

Retired Boeing 747 pilot, Captain Bill Hagan, tells the true story of what happened on flight BA 2069 which was almost brought down in December 2000 by a deranged passenger on the way to Nairobi.

This event, which is listed as one of commercial aviation's worst ever loss of control incidents, started the process of locked cockpit doors in UK aircraft 10 months before the 9/11 attacks. The incident was the victim of a major cover up and there is still NO public access to the only official review by UK authorities so those attending will be in a unique position.

This promises to be a fascinating evening giving a unique opportunity to hear the background to the sort of incident we tend only to hear about in the news ..... directly from the pilot involved in the incident. So, if you're interested, please come along on the evening to meet and hear what Bill Hagan has to tell us.

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