Parachuting Procedures at Fife Airport


Skydive St Andrews Parachute Club operates from Fife Airport on the following days:Parachuting

All radio calls from drop aircraft and drop controllers will be on the Fife Radio Frequency of 130.450Mhz.


The airfield has 3 skydive operational statuses:

The status of Parachute Operations can be checked when calling for PPR or by way of a notice board at the airfield.


When the Skydive Status is LIVE (i.e. from the time the drop aircraft calls “running in” until all skydivers are on the ground, clear of the runway and the ATZ has been declared open again):

Emergency traffic will take priority therefore in the event of a Pan or Mayday all drops will, where possible, be stopped.


Please note: All pilots still remain responsible for their own separation, good airmanship and safety at all times. This will take effort from all airfield users to make it work and your commitment to adopting these procedures would be greatly appreciated.


To assist safe operations at the airfield we have devised a hand-over radio procedure to facilitate the smooth closing of the ATZ during live para-dropping periods and re-opening afterwards .......... Radio Call Handover Sequence.


Any questions should be directed to the Operations Staff at Fife Airport or call 01592 753792 for advice.